Liturgical Ministries

Altar Service Ministry

Altar servers assist the priest and deacon at liturgical celebrations.

The Ministry of altar service is open to all men, women and children in good standing in the Parish. He/she is responsible for the preparation of the sacred vessels, the linens, the books, and any other items needed for the celebration of the Mass. The acolyte leads the entrance and recessional processions and serves the priest throughout the Mass. This exceptionally rewarding ministry calls for a strong commitment to service.

Ministry of altar service offers children an excellent opportunity to develop a sense of reverence and to acquire familiarity with the Mass.


Mass Times

St. Joseph's:
Saturday 4:00pm
(confession 3:30pm)
Sunday 8:00am
Tuesday Mass & Adoration 4-6pm
Wednesday - Friday 7:45am

St. Kevins:
Sunday 10:30am

Liturgical Year

Advent (second Sunday)
(Sunday, 10 December 2017)

Advent (third Sunday)
(Sunday, 17 December 2017)

Advent (fourth Sunday)
(Sunday, 24 December 2017)

(Monday, 25 December 2017)

Christmas (second day)
(Tuesday, 26 December 2017)