(Jeremiah 38: 4-6, 8-10     Hebrews 12: 1-4     Luke 12: 49-53)

Those who are called to bear the name Christian ought to give a lasting and genuine testimony to Christ. This is what martyrdom entails. We have to bear witness to Christ’s love and mercy in the world with constancy and resignation of our wills even to the point of losing our mortal bodies. It is by our ardor and tangible explosive charismatic witness, defying all odds, that we would be able to make the Good News of Salvation more meaningful and acceptable to many.

Since the foundation of the world, humankind has always preferred things that satisfy the acrid desires of the mortal flesh to things that benefit the immortal soul. Every good news is despised and rejected unless it is to the satisfaction of the mortal flesh. Those who strive by the grace of God to live over and above the human weakness to be true witnesses of the Good News of Salvation are always hated and rejected by the society. It makes the spread of the true content of the core message of Christ very difficult. This has caused some of those who have been specially called and chosen to be leaders of giving true witness to Christ to abandon their calling to be martyrs; rather, they manipulate their calling to use the name of God to help the masses spend more time on the wellbeing of their mortal flesh instead of the state of their immortal souls. This is causing many to choose ways that lead to the destruction of their souls. But this has to be arrested immediately; lest, the very message of Christ among us will be meaningless and fruitless. By the power and the graces of God, we shall overcome all odds as we give true witness to Christ’s message of merciful love in our world.


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