(Wisdom 18: 6-9     Hebrews 11: 1-2, 8-19     Luke 12: 32-48)

We often hear that time and tide wait for no one. We have to seize every opportunity to make good use of any given time and tide. We cannot blame anyone if we miss the afforded opportunity to live a life that is filled with graces. Each day is heavily loaded with so much grace to help us use the gift of faith to believe in God, as we place our total trust in him to hope for the future. If we believe in the omnipotence of God and love his creation, then we must go a step further with our cultivated trust to look forward to whatever God has promised. The greatest promise God has given mankind is that when our earthly life comes to a conclusion, a more glorious one will be given us. For this reason, we aspire and strive to live a life worthy of this promise.

Some people spend so much time laboring and worrying about the past missed opportunities; there is nothing that can bring back those opportunities. Why do we spend precious time dwelling on the past while there are more profitable opportune times now and tomorrow? We only learn from the past to gain wisdom in order to live holy lives now and in the future. If we fail to seize the gracious opportunities now to place our faith and trust in God as we use God’s graces to live holy lives, we shall only grow as aged neophytes without any maturity; maturity is only obtained through a tested past experience from which a lesson or two are learned to amend the current and future life to bear lasting fruits.

Many are those who do not place their faith in God because they have not been helped and encouraged, or even challenged, to do so. For that reason, many prefer holding on to a stale and insipid self-cultivated status quo for the fear of what lies in the unknown. We all have a role to play to help such people to come out of the unprofitable cocooned way of life that may lead to depression and anxiety. Such a life borders on illusions and mirages, and when no meaningful satisfaction is obtained from such a life, people fall and depend heavily on other objects as “gods” for the desired answers. We see and hear a lot about this in our societies each and every day. It is an indication that the message about the promises of Christ is not properly received or understood. We have a lot to do to help each and everyone to place our total trust in God in order to prepare ourselves to see the face of God.


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