Genesis 18: 20-32     Colossians 2: 12-14     Luke 11: 1-13

Any form of prayer is an indication of our response and assent to Faith which is turned to be our Belief. Belief can be of either a positive or a negative nature, depending on the response and assent of the individual or the society. But our individual or collective Belief does not, and cannot, alter Faith in any way since Faith is the subject of our Belief, and not the other way around, as some people may hold that to be the case. The desire within us to cling to God is for our own good and the good of the society. Most of the time, if not always, this desire is misconstrued and misapplied to satisfy oneself to a degree that we become renegades in the eyes of God and the society.

God does not need us; rather, we need God. No matter the degree of our sinfulness, we have been redeemed and given all the needed graces and accoutrements to be on our way to eternal salvation in Heaven. There is nothing to hold back, and there is no hidden agenda on the part of God to give us the promise of eternal salvation. We need to trust in God with a positive response and assent, rather than to have a negative attitude towards God and die in our sinfulness. This core message ought to be proclaimed regardless of the state of our souls. There is no need to transform everybody at once; yet if we help transform a soul, starting with ourselves, through a proper and meaningful process of a metanoia, that is repentance, there would be many souls on the path to eternal salvation. It is our duty to help everybody to have a positive belief in the core message of the Good News of Salvation that is devoid of any personal discolorations and colorations. Christ’s message of love and mercy has to be made viable, available and doable at all times and places, as we have an attitude of not turning back to our former egocentric sinful way of life.


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St. Joseph's:
Saturday 4:00pm
(confession 3:30pm)
Sunday 10:00am
Tuesday Mass & Adoration 4-6pm
Wednesday - Friday 7:45am

St. Kevins:
Sunday 8:00am

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