(Genesis 18: 1-10     Colossians 1: 24-28     Luke 10: 38-42)

In our effort to spread the Good News, we more often than not try to please others as we share our time, talent and treasure with others. There is nothing wrong with that if we only give the ultimate glory, honor, and praise to God. For that reason, we need a divine assistance to help us avoid any inkling of arrogating to ourselves the ultimate glory, honor, and praise as strive to accomplish the work entrusted to us. Trying to spread the Good News without the assistance of the grace of God is a recipe of a disastrous enterprise. What we are experiencing in our time now are examples of a society having bad spiritual health: religious apathy, perpetration of evil in the name of God, preference of mundane matters to spiritual matters, and moral decadence.

Most of us have so much time to enhance the health of the body through various physical exercises. But, do we have the same energy and time to have spiritual exercises to keep our souls healthy? There is the urgent need for us to have vigorous spiritual exercises to have the ability to meet the demands of both the spiritual and corporal aspects of spreading the Good News. Our over preference of mundane things to spiritual things makes us pay an unbalanced attention to the corporal needs of people to the neglect of their spiritual needs. The seven spiritual acts of mercy, namely counselling the doubtful, instructing the ignorant, admonishing the sinner, comforting the sorrowful, forgiving injuries, bearing wrongs patiently, and praying for the dead, need to be part of our efforts to spread the Good News, together with the seven corporal acts of mercy. We can actually come to the understanding of the spiritual acts of mercy when we are well grounded spiritually through rigorous spiritual exercises. Giving some attention to spiritual exercises would generally assist us to meet both the spiritual and corporal needs of the society since we shall have the recourse to, and the succor of, the grace of God to accomplish the responsibilities of our purpose here on earth to know, love, and serve God.


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St. Kevins:
Sunday 8:00am

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