St. Joseph's Parish has chosen values of Jesus to be touch stones for this community’s way of being in this world.  Below are the six guiding principles we have chosen to guide our community:


We are called to be a God centered people.  This is particularly evident in our participation of the sacraments.  We come from God.  We are going to God. We believe the way of Jesus is also the way to be God-centered.  To take incarnational faith seriously means to have an intense love of the world, seeing in the material things of the world, the handiwork of God and in the people of the world, the face of God.  It is marked by a powerful sense of compassion and suffering for and with all created things.


Each person is gifted.  We have many opportunities to share our gifts, as well as to encourage, enhance and support the gifts of all in the family, in the parish, and in the community so that we will all join together in spreading the gospel message and encouraging faith formation.

We strive to be a loving, praying, serving, caring, teaching community of Christians who are actively trying to live the good news of God.


The principle of collegiality honors both our scriptural and traditional histories.  Our Catholic tradition has long recognized the wisdom of the people (sensus fidelium), as well as the wisdom of the community of bishops in discerning the needs of the church.

It is the responsibility of leadership in our community to both encourage and set an example of collegiality.  The leadership of St. Joseph’s Parish has committed themselves to work together for the sake of the common good of all.


Justice is rooted in the biblical message.  St. Joseph Parish is committed to work for justice.  In committing to work for justice, we support the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church: Respect for Life and Dignity of the Human Person, Call to Life in Family and Community, Rights and responsibilities for each Person, Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers, Option for the Poor and Vulnerable, Communal Solidarity, and Care for God’s Creation.  To embrace the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, means that we embrace the values of Jesus Christ.

The Synod of Bishops produced the document “Justice in the World”, it says: “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appears to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the gospel, or in other words the Church’s mission for the redemption of the human race, and its liberation from every oppressive situation.”


God is our creator.  We strive to follow God who daily seeks to stir our minds and souls to new life.  We hold to the tradition of the Church and seek ways to live out those traditions.  Because we live in an ever-changing world we need to address new ways to live out the church’s message in our world.

For a parish to grow, it requires constant creativity.  Our goal is to see each day as a new situation.  We accept that the “old and ever new are partners.”  We commit ourselves to keeping that partnership.  We are “alive and growing.”


There is a lot of room under the Catholic umbrella.  There always has been, and we hope there always will be.  We harm our faith heritage when we try to limit what is “Catholic” to, too narrow a definition.  Our history is full of liberals and conservatives----- and everything in between.  And we have needed them all, because each has an insight into the mystery of our faith.

Where would we be without the keen mind of Thomas Aquinas or the courageous heart of Dorothy Day?  How limited would we be without the carefree spirit of St. Francis or the deep meditation of Julian of Norwich?

Diversity demands that we have the ability to dialog.  And essential to dialog is both the speaking of one’s truth and listening to another’s truth.  It is in this process that we discover God’s truth which is usually too much for any one of us alone.

The faith community’s major challenge does not lie in choosing good from evil.  That is usually obvious and easy.  The real challenge comes in living with many “goods” at the same time and resisting the temptation to pit one good against another good.  As a parish we would like to be a place where many “goods” can flourish together.  And always, most importantly, our diversity is to be centered on Jesus Christ.


Mass Times

St. Joseph's:
Saturday 4:00pm
(confession 3:30pm)
Sunday 8:00am
Tuesday Mass & Adoration 4-6pm
Wednesday - Friday 7:45am

St. Kevins:
Sunday 10:30am

Liturgical Year

Advent (second Sunday)
(Sunday, 10 December 2017)

Advent (third Sunday)
(Sunday, 17 December 2017)

Advent (fourth Sunday)
(Sunday, 24 December 2017)

(Monday, 25 December 2017)

Christmas (second day)
(Tuesday, 26 December 2017)